Open Your Mouth

Let’s be honest, being in youth ministry rarely means just being a pastor. We often get volunteered to take on the role of media director, videographer, social media manager, or the catch-all person. Generally, those leading youth ministries are often younger than those in the higher leadership positions, and there is always the assumption that just because we are younger that we presumably know everything about the latest and greatest tech or the latest trends. Right now, the COVID-19 crisis is magnifying these assumptions in some cases.

To be honest, it might be partially true that the younger guys and gals know more about trends, but there are a lot of people in the age range of 20 to 30 that do not know a lot about technology or the latest trends on social media. If I’m even more honest, I have been one of those people that don’t know it all and have just recently discovered what a TikTok is.

While we may not understand everything, people think we should. If you are younger, there is one thing that we are willing to do, and that’s learning new things. Although we may be set in our ways in some areas, we are, for the most part, ready to learn. It might be because we are trying to move up the ladder in life or because we genuinely want to know new things, it doesn’t matter because it is still pushing the “mission” forward.

Honestly, all of us, including our lead pastors, are trying to figure out this new world we are forced to do ministry in right now. So, what can we do to be more helpful and make ourselves more valuable to the mission at this time?

Open your mouth.

One thing that I often struggle with is feeling the pressure of being the youngest person at the table. It’s a pressure that often keeps me silent in my seat and agreeing to any idea, good or bad. Usually, I agree to do something that I know might not work or will be too much effort for not enough return before it happens only for those around me to figure that out after we have done it. The truth is we are at an advantage because we are young, we have people assuming we know things they don’t, and we have good ideas for how to reach this technology-driven culture than those who are now forced to be technology-driven. When we keep our mouth closed, we aren’t allowing our ministry to reach its full potential because we aren’t sharing our perspective. Don’t sit quietly. Make it a priority to open your mouth during conversations. Share views even if your viewpoint isn’t understood. When your leaders begin to see your concerns having merit when things don’t work, you gain influence, and that’s what leadership is all about.

Even if your concerns don’t come to fruition, everyone working together learns together, and the team spirit brings everyone together and allows for growth to happen throughout the organization.

Post by: Anthony Nelson

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