Show Them Jesus

The call has gone out. The stage has been set. Through your obedience to the will of God for your life, you’ve accepted the call to step into the world of Youth Ministry. Welcome.
It doesn’t matter if you’re just now starting out in Youth Ministry, or if you have several years of ministry under your belt. The call is still the same.

As I sit here at my desk writing this post, I can’t get my mind off of this topic. I thought about writing something funny and uplifting for you to read, but I can’t shake this feeling, this simple but yet incredibly important topic to remind you, to remind myself to keep leading by example. During these crazy times we find ourselves living in, we are still called to Pastor a group of young people. Uncertainty is everywhere we look. The Covid-19 virus is threatening our globe, the roller-coaster of a stock market is effecting jobs and 401K’s, schools and businesses are being shut down, and young
people are questioning whether they will even have a future after all of this. Youth Pastor, it’s time to show them Jesus.

Now is the time to boldly walk into your calling. Now is the time that we as Youth Pastors, we as youth workers walk in Godly confidence to lead a group of young people through this current global crisis, to lead them to a relationship with Jesus Christ. You have been placed where you are at in your ministry for such a time as this. We have been placed among this generation as leaders, as examples of who Jesus is, for such a time as this. It’s not that we have forgotten to do this; this is just a reminder for us as Youth Pastors that we never forget our calling, that we never doubt God as we follow and trust Him and as we lead our youth groups to do the same.

Youth Pastor. Youth Worker. We need to live so openly in the love and grace of Jesus Christ that it gets the attention of our youth groups and the attention of this younger generation. Your youth group, this younger generation, needs to see the love, grace, and strength of Jesus in action.

They aren’t going to be able to see these things through what the world has to offer them. We have to be the ones to step boldly into our callings and show them Jesus through our actions.

I know these are uncharted waters for us all. None of us have travelled the path of a Pandemic, or have led a youth group while being quarantined or while on lock-down. However, we can still lead, we can still encourage, and we can still show them Jesus through all of this. I have heard many people over the last few weeks talk about using this time to create and start new things for themselves and for their youth groups. I encourage you do that; don’t wait until you are able to gather back together to do things. Use this time to better yourself so you can be better for your youth groups and this generation.

Think about this for a moment. While Paul was under house arrest, he wrote the 4 “Prison Epistles.” (Ephesians. Philippians. Colossians. Philemon.) In a time that he couldn’t be in church with them. (Sound familiar?) In a time that his current situation wasn’t very positive and bright. (Sound familiar?) In a time that he was on lock-down. (Sound familiar?)

Even during those times, he created content, he encouraged the church, and he still got the message to the people there.
We even find that he wrote to the church in Philippi telling them to follow his example, as he was content in his situation. Telling them to follow his example, as he trusted in the Lord to bring him
through his situation.

We as Youth Pastors need to do the same during this time. Trust in the Lord, lead by example, engage with your young people, and show them through your actions that you are trusting in God through it all.

Be Jesus to this younger generation.
Be Jesus to the world around you.
Through your actions, Show them Jesus.

This is your time!

Guest Post: Stephen Newton

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